Arts Grant Presents – Hydrangea Wreaths

Sept. 15

Preference will be given to GRAFTON PATRONS.

10 am – 2 pm Hydrangea Wreath $15 Materials fee Nikki Russel, Instructor

This 4-hour workshop will educate students in the history and symbolism of Hydrangea
paniculata -Pee Gee hydrangea. The topic of pruning and types of drying methods will
be covered. Students will be able to apply knowledge of pruning and drying hydrangea
by cutting their flowers from mature plants from the Grafton Center Cemetery, located
behind the library. A representative from the Grafton Historical Society will present a
brief history of the rural cemetery, founded in 1863. Students will prepare the cuttings
for a wreath, create a wreath from the cuttings on a frame or use the stripped stems of
the hydrangea as the frame to make a wreath. The instructor will provide the necessary tools for the class.
Class size is limited to 10 students, adults and teens. Location: Grafton Library basement.